Paper Kingdom – Sergiu Chihaia

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“Paper Kingdom”
Мой адрес не дом и не улица,
мой адрес – Советский Союз… [1]
Soviet song

My entire childhood and adolescence, both lived in Moldavian Democratic Republic, a former Soviet state, have been marked by the presence of papier-maché objects. At school, creativity classes, home, in visits, in vacation-kids were doing objects using different techniques, having only paper and glue to work with. Absolute minimalism. A lack of resources created a hole world. Newspapers, cardboard, paperboard, paper folders, colored markers, formed the arsenal of the creative boy from the former SOVIET UNION. At stake was geography, through paper he could travel, build, fight, gain, succeed and rejoice.
That’s why there’s no surprise that Sergiu Chihaia’s PAPER DWELLINGS surfaced. Early gifted, brought in this world onto the ruins of a dying Empire, experimenting, he dared to imagine for his children, born in capitalism- a magic ice citadel.
Childhood geography is the origin of today’s bewiched universe of Chihaia’s work, converting to a story more easy to translate through colors, shapes, configurations, phenomenal imgination, courage …though papier-maché is the ironclad of his artistic world. This archaic technique, bravely revived by Sergiu, using framing wires, he creates antagonic masterpieces who are altogether lacustrian, being gracious, slender and rugged. Dressed in the purest white, they resemle the metaphysical fairies, who are to live in his papier-maché houses. Fashion and architecture unite to pin this immensurable geography forever and Sergiu Chihaia is able to bring to life this paradigm.
Vladimir Bulat,
May 2016

*I’m not living in a house or onto a street, i live in Soviet Union.

Photo credit: Mihai Theodor Sava; Graphics: RADU BAIAS, Soundtrack: Lucian Petcu

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