Convulsion Ltd.: Christian Paraschiv

Born in 1953 in Bucharest, Romania and since 1986 living and working in Paris, France, Christian Paraschiv is one of the leading artistic figures of the ’80s generation in Romanian art.
Accurate observer of political, economic, social developments and genuinely interested both in spirituality and pioneering scientific research, Paraschiv conveyed knowledge and intuition into a unique body of work, dissolving medium boundaries and linearity.
Considering only one of multiple threads in the prolific oeuvre of Christian Paraschiv – his in-depth exploration of the body – Convulsion Ltd. is the first chapter in a series of exhibitions that will lead to a necessary major retrospective of the Romanian artist.
While his practice has been previously presented through a recurring triangle of themes, such as Memory, Identity and Exile, Convulsion Ltd. is a study-exhibition and an attempt to re-read his works related to the body extended over several decades from three parallel, yet profoundly interconnected points of view: Pain, Humor and Self-Exploitation.
Economics and the Politics of the Self but also, at large, Masochism and Other Pleasures, Branding, Irony alongside its more biting counterpart, Self-Irony, Laughter and related emotions, as well as Bio-Art experiments are all brought to the fore in Convulsion Ltd.: Christian Paraschiv.

January 11 – March 6, 2016
Convulsion Ltd.: further thoughts from new associates
Franco ARIAUDO, Simon ASENCIO, Irina BUJOR, Farid FAIRUZ, Geumhyung JEONG, Thomas THWAITES

The exhibition is introducing a series of compelling recent works and new commissions from young artists who dedicate an important part of their practice to reflecting on the human body.

Convulsion Ltd.: further thoughts from new associates is an autonomous exhibition, nevertheless it is inextricably linked to Convulsion Ltd.: Christian Paraschiv, unfolding in the same gallery at the same time.

The works are gathered around the same main themes of reflection upon the body: Pain, Humor and Self-Exploitation.

By unveiling potential similarities and also highlighting important differences between the works of the young artists and the practice of Christian Paraschiv, Convulsion Ltd.: further thoughts from new associates is surfacing as a spirited dialogical process.

Such an imaginary juxtaposition of the two exhibitions is an artificial, yet very caring gesture of connecting thoughts and works of like-minded artists that don’t know each other, but share approaches, emotions and obsessions across different contexts and generations.

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